Saturday, March 19, 2011


Apart from family and friends who read this blog, I'm not really sure if I have ever talked about the fact that I am a teacher. An Early Childhood teacher to be specific, and it is my love and passion. I was previously an 'Early Childhood Educator' in my previous life, and whilst I did love having my own classroom, building wonderful relationships with the children and their families, I often felt constricted, or restrained. Frustrated at times. By many things, really. Programmes, school policy, time restrictions, the list could go on. I did love being a teacher. I loved learning alongside the children, putting fresh flowers at nose height, setting up 'spaces' , groups story time... Yes, I was a teacher. I put that in past tense, because I really do feel that was before. It is now, with the birth of my first daughter, that I truly feel like a teacher. A teacher in every sense of the word. Her teacher. A teacher in so many ways, that I feel like I have found my calling. It amazes me everyday what she learns. What she teaches me. I sit back and watch her, as she discovers the world around her. The tiniest things she learns, or does for the first time delights me. I think many of us parents forget that we are, actually our children's first teachers. I no longer feel restrained, or constricted. We can Play. All. Day. If we want to. Which to me, is how childhood should be. Learning through play. I love being my daughters first teacher... (And I love being her Mama.)


  1. What a lovely post! It really is the best job in the world being with a little one. Beautiful photos on you blog too!


  2. beautiful post and so true - have you come across 'you are your child's first teacher'? a real good one. thanks for coming by neighbour! Where about in the hills are you?


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