Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sometimes the best 'toys' are not even toys at all. We all know the power of 'just a cardboard box'. To children there is no 'just'. It can be whatever they want it to be. It is where the magic of imagination comes into play. As Mr Einstein says "Imagination is more important than knowledge". True true Einstein. Here is a lovely, very simple activity that Ruby enjoys - which can so easily be created, assembled and packed away in a flash. Place a collection of ribbon on the floor - and you're done! I try to choose different textures, colours and lengths but the shiny ones always catch her attention! I never giver her too many at one time, just a few is enough, so she is not overstimulated. Simple is always best. This can keep her entertained and engaged for some time. To us, this may seem so simple. Too simple, but to my little Ruby, I'm sure it is a wonderful kaleidoscope of colours and textures which she can swirl and whirl on the floor to her hearts content.

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