Friday, March 18, 2011

Before the sun has even risen, those early morning, foggy, hazy cuddles in bed certainly are the best. Beautiful, warm and sleepy.


  1. that's a very, very sweet shot (and that quilt on the next post is totally fabulous!)

  2. Oh wow, truly a sweet moment.

  3. I loved loved loved these moments when my kids were tiny! So precious.

    I'm loving looking through your posts, Jade—found you through Soulemama! I especially resonated with your post last month about the joy babies get from books. Just yesterday my ten year old and I were browsing our shelves of picture books (which I don't think we'll ever put away!) and we found "Goodnight Zoo"—one of our all-time favourite board books from years and years ago. So my boy curled up into my lap, just like old times, and we looked through the book again, together.

    Thank you for your lovely images and words, and for sparking a very happy trip down baby memory lane! :)

  4. This is such a sweet, heart-warming photo.


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