Friday, December 19, 2008

Self reflection

I am turning 25 on January 11th I want to be at peace and happy for the rest of my life I have the most amazing Fiance in the world I keep trying to grow herbs but the basil keeps dying on me I wish I could travel the world more often than I do I hate when my baking never turns out like the pictures I fear that life is too short I don't think about things too much, I just like to do them without thinking! (Sometimes dangerous... but always fun) I regret not learning to speak another language when I was little I love my bed, especially when it has nice fresh sheets I am not interested in politics, current affairs or the media I dance with no rhythm at all I sing but I have been told I shouldn't I never want to say 'I should have...' I really love books, I could spend thousands I cry when I watch a really sad movie or even a really happy one I am not always that good at staying awake past 8.30pm I hate that many of the problems in our world are a result of greed I am confused about the world I need to feel the sun on my back and the wind in my hair I should do my hair more often! It's so curly, but I'm just plain lazy at times. You would be surprised how hard this was to actually do. Which is why I titled this post 'self reflection'. I really had to think about myself, which is a good thing to do. I think. I found this on Leslie's blog. So, thanks Leslie!

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