Saturday, April 9, 2011


One of Ruby's favourite things to do is play in front of the mirror. She happily watches her self for ages. And whilst sometimes I feel like I am just 'plonking her down' in front of the mirror, she is engaging in much more than just self observation. She is learning to understand her sense of self. Self awareness, self recognition and imitation... and the most important thing is she enjoys what she sees! Of course there is always licking and tasting, patting, banging, talking, singing and scratching at the mirror. But cleaning the mirrors with vinegar means the licking, well, that's sure to get a laugh from mama.


  1. Ruby is adorable. I like her amber teething necklace she has also.

  2. I found you on Soulemama. These are adorable pictures!

  3. that is such a fun age for them to be... when they are so curious about the world.


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