Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Number eight

Not only have I been busy with a puppy.
I have also been busy with number eight.
Our new home.
Which I just love.
I'd really like to share with you some of the things I love about our new home.
It's all in the little things...
I love my bird bath. A house warming present for me from N. (Picked out by me!)
My little door stop friend. Mr. Rooster. He is in charge of the old, heavy and noisy (and oh so ugly) back door. I love this whole little scene. The washing hanging in the sun. The chair. The basket. I love this big old, and very gorgeous fire place.
I love outside. In general really.
I love that my bulbs are finally starting to flower.
I love my kitchen window.
I love this pot plant.
I love that N loves it as much as I do!
I love the veggie patch.
(Which right now is in need of a little TLC)
... And last but not least. I love my wooden floorboards.

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  1. Your new home looks beautiful. So much green, so nice...


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