Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Meet Hue.
This little guy is partly the reason I have been a stranger to my computer, and hence the no blogging for quite some time now. But, I can't say I'm sorry. Because I'm not. I have had the most wonderful (and sleepless) time getting to know Hue and oh - how I just love him to bits. He makes my heart swell with love. He just has the cutest face, and the cutest little personality to go with it.
The above look... Well, that's a game. It's the "I'm pretending to look sad so you will pick me up and I can nibble on your ear and snuggle into your neck. Is it working?"
Yep. Works every time.
How could it not?

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  1. Oh Jade, he is just way too cute. What a gorgeous addition to your nest. Julie x


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