Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sometimes do you just have a lovely day for no apparent reason? I have those all the time. Days that make you smile. Days that make your heart sing. Today was lovely. Lovely because I watched the rain fall from under my knitted blanket. Lovely because I spent so much time cuddled up beside N. Lovely because I baked a cake, and it wasn't too hot to use the oven. Lovely because we went for a walk beside the river, and had to hide under the bridge so we didn't get drenched. Lovely because I picked some fresh flowers and put them in my Old Nan's hand painted vase. Lovely because I fell asleep beside N as he watched a movie. (Lovely: very pleasant or enjoyable.) Any time spent with N is pleasant and enjoyable. He makes my life so cosy. I really hope you had a lovely weekend, cuddled up with someone you love dearly.

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