Monday, March 2, 2009

"Back in the day"

Yesterday was the 'unveiling' of thejadeleaf to all of my friends.
I didn't really intend on making it hush hush or anything like that but I wanted it to be... well, just, me. Me with no one I knew listening. Or judging my views or opinions. I liked the anonymity, the freedom and the space being my space.
But. And this is a big but. I realised that these people are also the people who know me. Who would give me the most encouragement and support. The most compliments. And I was right. I sent this out via email today...
(Although I couldn't quite decide which picture I liked best?)
...And already I have received so many words of kindness and support. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you. It really means so much that you not only read these words, but enjoy the space here and also the things I make. I got one comment from a life long friend, who said to me that he still has some cards I made him from "back in the day" as he called it. So I have been making cards for quite some time now.
So, whilst he has his cards safely tucked away in his wallet from "back in the day", this space is now yours and mine. A shared place.

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