Saturday, February 7, 2009

All dressed up...

...And no where to go! I was all packaged, packed, practiced and prepared for my very first market to be held this weekend. If you get where I'm going with this, I obviously didn't go, on account of the soaring heatwave we are currently going through. It was scheduled to be 43 degrees Celsius on market day, so due to hot weather policy... it was cancelled. But. Not to worry. I was not looking forward to sitting in that heat all day. So. Because I didn't get to share my cards and things with the city of Adelaide, I'll share a few things with you... Isn't this just how you picture family life to be sometimes? So perfectly pastel?

I have found some of the most beautiful vintage children's picture books, which I just adore. So I have started making the pages into envelopes. I am sure I am not the first person to make envelopes out of picture books, but I just couldn't resist reusing and of course sharing the gorgeous pictures.

Tomorrow I'm off to buy a sewing machine... I have always been a bit of a paper girl, but I would like to expand my crafting skills. I am a bit of an impatient person, I often like to start and finish something in an hour/couple hours/a day. I'm not really one for lengthy ongoing projects hence the no sew so far. But whilst I can't change my personality I can expand my skills and hobbies. And I am soooo inspired by all the wonderful sewers in blogworld.

So thank you for all the inspiration...Let the adventures begin...

Oh, and in case you have noticed, yes, it is Saturday night, and yes, there is no other place I'd rather be.

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