Friday, January 23, 2009

As requested...

Just for you E. A few of my favourite snap shots from my holiday to Cairns, in far north Australia. So... Millaa Millaa falls. Gorgeous. Nature at it's best. There is something so soothing listening to water spill over the side of a mountain. Especially in a setting as beautiful as this. A visit to the Malanda markets. Yep. Markets. Gotta love 'em.
I certainly do. Here are my two purchases. Freshly pulped/squeezed pineapple juice. And a golden mango.
We were in the heart of the tropics. So. That did mean we encountered some rain. And lots of it.
Green. Green. And more green. As far as the eye could see.
The colours that nature provides us with is just beautiful. I love the combination of this Frangipani. Yellow. Pink.
Crystal Cascades.
Oh, and my cute little friend just happens to make another appearance...
Clearly a highlight of my holiday this little guy.
Another photograph I would like to share with you is one that I want you to picture in your own mind.
Picture a lake.
A giant ancient volcanic crater lake.
Surrounded by a tropical rain forest and a sky dotted with clouds.
Filled with the clearest and freshest water.
I swam.
I closed my eyes.
I widened my smile.
It started to rain.
I lay afloat.
Rain drops falling from the sky.
Now this is my moment.
My moment in the right here and now.
My moment to feel grateful for Mother Earth.
My moment to feel grateful for the cool blue water cooling me from above and below.
My moment to feel free.
My moment to feel completely peaceful.
My moment to feel completely happy.
Can you see my last photograph?

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  1. I can see and feel your last photograph!
    Thanks for the 'By Request', being overseas makes you realise just how incredibly beautiful Australia is, and how lucky we are: surrounded by endless opportunity!
    I love the photograph of (I think) the Atherton Tablelands, that place is magical.


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