Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas to me

Christmas is such a lovely time of the year. I just love waking up on Christmas morning. It brings back so many memories of waking up as a child. My sister and I would wake at the crack of dawn, beside ourselves with excitement and run down to the living room to see what Mr. Clause had left for us. And if the carrots had been nibbled at. (Yes! They always were!) The magic that Christmas creates is just that. Magic. I love spending the day with all of my family. I love that we eat all day. And then nap. And then eat some more. Sometimes I do wish that we were apart of the glorious snow-covered Christmas. But, we're not. We get it hot. Christmas for us here in Australia usually involves a few things. The sun is one. A barbecue is another. Usually a swim. Pool or river. This year, the beach. And my Christmas wouldn't be complete with out my Mum's pav. Such an Australian word I know. Pav. Short for pavlova. Basically a big white meringue, topped with cream and summer fruits, like strawberries and berries. Or banana and passion fruit. Yum. I'll have to post a pic of the one Mum makes this year for you to see...

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