Tuesday, May 8, 2012


farewell little house. we will always remember you as the place we brought our daughter home.

photos by tim coulson.


  1. Oh I bet it is sad leaving a house full of memories. Enjoy the new venture and I'd love to see the Vimeo of Tim's photos...but I cannot access it. x

  2. Sorry Katrina, I just realised that the link had expired. Oops. I've just put a link to our shoot, check it out. Jade x

  3. A new house ... what an exciting adventure to embark on - especially this close to having bubba.
    Enjoy setting up your new home!

  4. Gorgeous pictures. Exciting times!!

    I have a thing for moving house when heavily pregnant too? Handy putting those nesting instincts to good use....but utterly exhausting! Take it easy.

    rachel xox

  5. Good luck for your move and the arrival of your bub. Beautiful photos by Tim, as always.

  6. Farewells are always sad, but change is exciting.

    ps - you have a lovely blog :)


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