Tuesday, March 20, 2012

in the kitchen

... the last of summer is being cooked, preserved, frozen and enjoyed. i am also learning some new skills. bread making (without the bread maker) and the art of home-made pasta. how will we ever eat store-bought pasta again?


  1. hi there! i am in new zealand and currently doing the same thing!...getting my hands on whatever summer i can!!
    love your blog.
    have you any good recipes/tips for a decent loaf of bread? have mastered pizza and foccacia bread...but struggle making a good old loaf! x

  2. Hi there Emma. Nice to meet you, checked out your blog, girls are gorgeous... I'm still testing bread recipes, playing around with what works and I like! I'll post more on bread as i get more confident! Check out the down to earth blog, its where i started. Jade x

  3. Can I please come and live at your house - I promise I will wash the dishes!

  4. Yes you probably will eat shop bought pasta, off of your kiddies plate, when they refuse to eat something you've madly thrown together in a panic because you haven't been to the shop for days... and then your surprised they won't eat it, so as NOT to waste food you eat it yourself! No? Oh that's just me then. Love your blog - popped over from Lizey's! x

  5. YUM!! Good on you! oh you have given meth guilts a little though, all your lovely home cooking. Lately I have been lazy. You even bake bread!!!!!!!!!


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