Wednesday, January 11, 2012

twenty eight

twenty eight today. so i thought i'd share with you, twenty eight things about me...

one. i'm a homebody.
two. i love cooking, baking and dessert making.
three. i am lactose intolerant (making the above difficult at times.)
four. i am currently 18 weeks pregnant.
five. i was a teacher in a kindergarten for four years before becoming a mama.
six. i used to call my mum 'mama' when i was little and she hated it.
seven. i have one younger sister.
eight. my first job was as a swimming instructor.
nine. my husband gave me an ice cream maker for my birthday.
ten. i love getting bowen therapy.
eleven. my favourite number.
twelve. (before this pregnancy) i wanted four children. now we'll have to see about that.
thirteen. people often think that i'm outgoing, but it's really all an act.
fourteen. i won't buy eggs from the supermarket.
fifteen. the book that changed my life is "you are what you eat" by dr gillian.
sixteen. i used to be a swimmer. now i hate getting in bathers.
seventeen. i love books. no ipad, kindle, e-books for me.
eighteen. i drink tea. only herbal.
nineteen. i grew up on the river. love it. miss it.
twenty. jamie oliver is my kitchen buddy.
twenty one. i don't use any chemicals in the house.
twenty two. i am a light sleeper. i love to sleep with the fan.
twenty three. i love japan. i visited there years ago and dream about going back. the strange mix of modernism and culture is beautiful.
twenty four. i love winter. it allows me to do all my favourite things. stay inside, wear scarves, bake and burn candles.
twenty five. i internalise most things.
twenty six. my blood group is ab+. extremely rare.
twenty seven. i wish our house would hurry up and sell.
twenty eight. i would love more sleep.


  1. Happy Birthday! I agree, Japan is in my top three fav countries that I have visited. Love everything about it. xx

  2. So sneaky casually putting the big news at #4!

    Congratulations! I will go back and read the rest :)

  3. you sound wonderful all twenty eight years of you. happy birthday.

  4. Happy happy birthday to you gorgeous lady! Kellie xx

  5. Hi Jade - it's my first time commenting but I have been looking at your blog for a little while. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful recipes, craft and cleaning tips! Looks like we have a few things in common too - I'm a teacher (steiner), live in Adelaide and my birthday is on the 11th Jan too (except i turned 34!). Happy Birthday! And thanks again for your inspiring blog! Toula

  6. Beautiful photos, this is such a great idea!

  7. Happy belated birthday! Am new to your blog so reading this list was a great 'get to know you' :)


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