Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A little more of the photographs Tim took of our family. What takes my breath away with all of the photos he shot, is not the actual photograph - yes, they are a.ma.zing, but it's the fact that Tim has captured us so. perfectly. The feel. The mood. The temperature - that's all us. He is truly incredible. I even had a tear as I looked through them for the first time.

To see the full collection, visit Tim Coulsons blog here.


  1. your hair is amazing! timmy told me i would die when i saw your hair. these photos are so beautiful, i feel like i know your little family. such a beautiful chilled out feeling and a lot of love. i'm kesh by the way- tim's wife, haha.

  2. After the third photo I thought wow it looks like Tim took these. Gorgeous.

  3. beautiful photos... and a beautiful blog too!

  4. I'm not surprised you were teary. What gorgeous photos! You have a beautiful family too. x


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