Friday, May 20, 2011


This moment - inspired by soulemama.

(You know when you have those moments when you are so blissfully happy, the whole world is radiating love just for you? Well, this was one of them. Hanging out the washing in the glorious sunshine, babe eating dirt at my feet (who said dirt isn't full of nutrients?) and just when I thought the world the world couldn't get any more beautiful, this little guy thought he'd prove me wrong.)

And yes, my camera is pretty much glued to me!


  1. STUNNING PHOTO! I want it, framed on my wall! xo

  2. ooh i just sounded like my 2 year old... 'i want it, that, i WANT that!!!

    oops ;)

  3. yeah, im an art teacher/highschool. love that idea about putting the ice cubes in the bath, brilliant! xx


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