Friday, April 1, 2011


I have tried to take the simple approach when it comes to Ruby's baby food. She has (so far) only had mama-made food. I love cooking her baby food. I love knowing that I am responsible to putting the best I can into her little body. Generally, I have followed the guidelines in the book "Well Adjusted Babies" by Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani, which I use for much more than feeding advice.

Some of her favourites include pumpkin, zucchini, peas, apple, pear, carrot, beans, kiwifruit, squash and any stone fruit. It is only just now that I feel a bit lost and unsure where to go from now. I plan to introduce small amounts of chicken over the next few days and possibly pasta (rice and corn pasta). I don't want her having any dairy yet, as I really believe that our bodies aren't particularly suited to dairy products - and I am lactose intolerant.

Any advice? Any recommendations? Great blogs/books I should check out? I'd love to hear what you think...

(A great website I have also used as a reference is weelicious)

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