Monday, November 30, 2009

the first

I have wished for a real Christmas tree my whole life. I just love the tradition of a Christmas tree. For me, as a child it signified the beginning of the season. It was almost always with my sister, during, or after the traditional Christmas pageant, as we squabbled over what we considered to be the best ornaments to hang on our plastic tree. As we got older, no one seemed to care about the poor old plastic tree anymore - I would drag it out alone and attempt to glorify it as best as I could. When I moved out of home, the tree would stay packed away, in its broken box.
So, if you can, imagine my excitement for the weekend just past- when I went to a real Christmas tree farm, to pick out my very own Christmas tree.
So now my lounge room has its very own Christmas tradition, where the lights glow in the evening and the smell of pine floats through the house...

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