Sunday, August 16, 2009

Henny and Harriet

...A chook pen!
Welcome to Henrietta and Harriet.
And I am proud to say that it is 95% recycled,
I wish I could say 100%. Take 5% for the iron - (they do need a roof I guess),
and N reminds me that he had to buy the latch. OK, so take away another 2%.
So, 93%.
But handmade and totally organic, can't you tell?
I love it! Good work N.
I am very excited to have chickens in our backyard.
I feel like we are beginning to give so much to our earth.
Only small things at the moment, but a contribution none the less.
Henrietta and Harriet are our organic eggs, fertiliser,
weed control and of course, our friends.

... And entertainment for a very curious puppy.

This is Henrietta.
I think.
Welcome girls.

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