Saturday, May 9, 2009


When I arrived home yesterday, these were waiting for me...
Now. This is definitely not a regular occurrence. Trust me. Probably why they are making their way onto my blog. But, it is just so lovely to receive flowers. Thank you N.
So. Anyway. What would any normal person do when they receive a cute bunch of flowers? Why, pair them with a bowl of lemons and photograph them... Of course!
And. If the flowers weren't enough to bring a smile to my face, then the news of someone who saw the photos I took of Isabel (see my previous post) wanting me, yes me to photograph her children just brought an even bigger smile to my face. How exciting. What a lovely compliment. I still don't even know how to work my camera properly! I just do what feels right, you know? It feels like an awful big leap from taking photographs for a good friend, to doing it for someone professionally. Because I am far from a professional. I just love taking photos. Especially of children. I love their innocence. I love trying to capture childhood. Because I'm sure as many of you know, children don't get to be children for very long anymore.
Anyway. I will be sure to share the pics of my 'professional' shoot with you right here. Have a lovely weekend.

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