Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blobs of colour

I have always been attracted to colour. I love the way colour can make you feel something, or create an atmosphere. It really is quite powerful. I am usually a bit of a neutral kind of girl. I love white. It is so clean and crisp. So pure and simple. But sometimes, I see white and it is just begging for something to be created on top of all that whiteness.
The other day I bought some very pretty new paper, and I have been playing around with some 'blobs' as I have called them. Blobs because, well, they are not quite circles. And I like them that way. I have been loving cutting out the blobs and randomly putting them onto cards. And I really like the way it looks. It's not meant to be anything. It's not meant to represent anything.
Just colourful blobs, dancing around on all that whiteness.

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