Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little colour...

Today was the first day that has felt like the possible beginnings of winter. For such a very long time we have endured the heat, the heat, no rain, no moisture oh - and did I mention the dry, unbearable heat? It was grey, and wet - yay! Oh the rain was so beautiful as it fell from the sky.
It just felt like winter. I do love winter. I love the cosy-ness, the snuggling in ugg boots, a blankie and a nice warm hot chocolate. I'm just not ready to let go of all these wonderful colours and replace them with light grey, grey and dark grey all day everyday. So... I thought I'd inject a little colour into my world (and yours) and introduce to you some wonderful creatures I encountered on the weekend.

Isn't it funny how much of what we talk about is related to the weather? What we do, eat, cook, wear, talk about is all dependent on Mother Nature herself. She affects our mood, our wardrobe, our environment... So many things if you actually stop to think about it.

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